Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Disneyland's 50th Anniversary - May 12-13, 2005

My brother Georgie came to visit from New York and we headed straight for Disneyland!   We just happened to be there right after they started their year-long celebration of Disneyland's 50th Anniversary.  It was really neat because they've really spruced everything up, so the park is all sparkling clean and pretty.

As soon as we entered the gates, we saw the Disneyland band playing to entertain the crowds.  This nice cast member posed for a picture with me.

Here I am with my hero, Minnie Mouse.

And here are Georgie & me by the teacups.   I didn't actually ride them- they make me throw up!
Can you see the gold teacup in the background?   This was kind of a neat thing they did for the 50th Anniversary - all of the rides that had been there on the first day the park opened got a special "gold vehicle" to celebrate.  So there was a gold teacup, a gold carousel horse, etc.   It was kind of like a treasure hunt looking for them all.    They also hung out these special "50th Mickey's" all over the park - they'd be camouflaged in rides or in unusual places.  There were 50 of them and it was fun to try to find them all (we didn't find all of them, but we found a lot).

Now, it's not a real trip to Disneyland until you go on "It's a Small World".    Yeah, I know, that darn song gets stuck in your head for the rest of the day, but you still have to do it!

As we left Disneyland, we saw good ol' Pluto on Main Street and stopped to take a picture with him.  Well, Pluto thought he was funny...  He posed for a nice picture with Georgie and me....

But then.....     He gave Georgie back to Michelle and wouldn't let me go back.  Next thing I know, he put me in his mouth and wouldn't let me go until we took another picture!
I had dog slobber all over me for the rest of the day!

After that, we headed over to the newer park at the Disneyland "resort".   It's called "California Adventure" and it's set up to be kind of a microcosm of what you find in California.  

 There's a land that's like a Hollywood back lot.  It's fun to look at the windows and listen to the announcements overhead.  Pay attention because there are all sorts of fun puns and movie references.    Another land is like an old Mojave airstrip (there were lots of test flights out there and still are).   In that land, you'll find what most people consider the best ride in the park - Soarin' over California.   It's like riding a hang-glider over different parts of California - you even smell the smells of pine in the forest, the ocean.   Thank goodness you don't smell the smell of the scene that takes you up the 405 freeway in rush-hour!

Georgie and I tried out the huge Ferris wheel in the Paradise Pier area- what a kick that is!    You've got to ride in the swinging cars - they're on a track so as the Ferris wheel goes around, you go SWOOP along this track.   And there's nothing inside the car to hold on to, so you feel like you're going to tumble right on top of the other passengers.   It's fun - unless you're not expecting it.   Michelle still hasn't forgiven Mel for that one.....

I came home from Disneyland with a new accessory.   How do you like my tiara?  I think it's lovely.
I feel like a princess!

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Michelle said...

Yeah Michelle is still not happy about that ride on the Ferris Wheel! That was so much fun with you and Mel! Georgie was glad to see you last weekend, but hopes that there is another Disney trip in the future soon!