Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tooele, Utah (December 2004)

It was an adventure of firsts - my first airplane ride, my first rental car ride, and my first picture where my head was cut off (I didn't keep that picture).The plane ride to Salt Lake City was great, although the pretzels were almost as small as I am.  When we got to the car rental place and I heard we got a four wheel drive vehicle, I was afraid we were going to drive to the top of the mountains we had flown over - luckily we did not, we just drove by them.

I was with my godmother, Annora, visiting family in Tooele (pronounced Two-will-a) and had a great time.   The weather was good, not too cold, but still snowy, and all the houses were lit up with Christmas lights.  We made it back again on the plane (luckily I did not have much carry on luggage - it was full) and I am now ready for my next adventure.

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