Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Meeting the PM Group - February 19, 2005

Some trips are more about the people you meet than what you see....
Mandi, Kirk Michael, Marion, & me

This time, I got to go along with Melanie as she met up with some of her friends from school.  All these folks took a Project Management Certification program together and through that they became good friends.   They try to get together once a year or so, even though some of them live pretty far away.

It was soooo nice to finally have a sunny day!   After months of rainy, gray weather, we finally got some sun.   We met up for a great lunch at the Enterprise Fish Co. in Santa Monica, CA.   The food was great, the people were really nice, and  it was sooooo nice to be out in the sun!

Kirk offered to take me on a trip, but he dropped me twice, so I think I'll pass on that......

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Michelle said...

I love that your adventures are now on blogger Vera! That was a heck of a dive that you took! You are a tough lady! Georgie says Hi!