Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Upland Fire Rocks! September 23, 2005

Note:   In California, we have horrendous annual firestorms that destroy thousands of acres of land and often hundreds of homes.   Our Firefighters work tirelessly to put the fires out and keep our homes safe.  They are amazing and deserve all of the respect in the world.   The day I spent with Upland Fire Department was more than memorable, it was an honor.

Mel’s brother Dave took me to his fire station and showed me around.   It was sooo cool!   I got to ride in the truck – I even went on a call!    

Code 3 – Yee Haw!

I like these firehouse guys – they even do their own cooking!   They’ve got a nice kitchen with everything you need to make a healthy dinner – although I think Dave didn’t pay attention to my likes & dislikes – here I am with all his mushrooms – Yuck!!

Cooking my favorite(?) food with the firemen

I got to hang out in the fire truck while the guys handled the call.   It’s a nice cozy place to check everything out.

I got to do some training with the other fire dudes.   Here I am with Craig Warren (Paramedic-Engineer), Bill Rozinka (Engineer), Jeff Schneider (Firefighter- Paramedic), and Ryan Gardy (Firefighter-Paramedic).   They’re showing me how to use the Jaws of Life.    I like hanging out with all these cuties.    I could get used to this….  

Well, it’s been a long, exciting day, and I’m all tuckered out.    Better get my rest so I can be ready for tomorrow’s duties…..

Thanks Dave!!!   What a great day!

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