Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thanksgiving in Yosemite - 2005

I happen to be very lucky....    My Aunt Lena & Uncle Ole live in a town called Oakhurst, which is just outside Yosemite National Park.    Have you been there?    It's spectacular.    I get to go there almost every year.

This year, on the Friday after Thanksgiving, Aunt Lena, Uncle Ole, & I went into the Park.   We had a lovely breakfast at the Wawona Hotel.

The Wawona was one of the first hotels in the Yosemite area (way before it was a National Park).     In fact, there's been a hotel in this area since the 1860s, although the current structure was built in 1879.    It's just a beautiful building, inside and out.   And such a cozy place to have a nice brunch before starting a day in the park.  This time of year, it's COLD - well, at least for this Southern California girl!    I didn't get too far into the park before I wanted to be back by that big cozy fire...

Every year on the Friday after Thanksgiving, the Wawona schoolhouse holds a fundraiser to raise money for the school  (yes, there's still a one-room schoolhouse operating right there in Wawona!).   It's a little craft fair, featuring local artisans.   I bought a quilt there that I just love.   It's backed with flannel, so it's soooo cozy for lounging on my couch on a cold winter day.

We had a nice day in the park, then headed home for some yummy Thanksgiving leftovers.    On Saturday morning, before Mel & I had to head back south, we went for breakfast at the Tenaya Lodge.    This is just outside the park gate - a really cool hotel up in the mountains.   There's often snow there, even this time of year!    The Christmas decorations are great.    I love the big fireplace in the lobby.   It's a great place to curl up with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate.   Ole, Lena,  & I had a little bit of fun playing around the Christmas decorations....

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