Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Viva Las Vegas - March 31 - April 2, 2005

I went to Las Vegas with Mel & her Mom to visit family and to go to a scrapbook expo (yeah, we like those expos!).   We had a great time.  We ran across a 3 lane highway to take pictures at the famous Welcome to Las Vegas sign.   

We also did some gambling and drank some cosmopolitans  :-)      My new aunt Lena came with us too.  She lives with Mel's mom.

We got to try out some slots and poker machines.    Note for the future:  They don't like it when you take pictures of the machines!

We also had lunch with Mel's grandmother.  She lives in Vegas and that's why we go a couple of times a year - to visit her.   She has a cute little studio apartment and she took us to her favorite restaurant - Lone Star Steak House

Grammy Yow, Mel's Mom, and Me - Aren't we beautiful?

Unfortunately, we missed our flight on the way home - so we ended up sitting in the airport for an extra hour or so, and then flying into a different airport and having to take a shuttle back to Burbank!  Oy, what a mess.    While we were waiting, we decided to have a Cosmo at the airport bar.   That might have been a little too much for poor Lena.   I think maybe she's a lightweight!

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