Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Scrapbooking & Chicken - February 18, 2005

 I got to go to a Scrapbooking Expo with Mel & some of her friends.  It was down at the Orange County Fairgrounds and there were 2 whole buildings just full of scrapbooking stuff.   It was so exciting to pick out things to use on pages about my trips.

We walked around the expo all day long, took a couple of classes, then headed out...   After a long day, we stopped for dinner at the Chicken Dinner House at Knott's Berry Farm.   They've been serving Mrs. Knott's famous fried chicken for more than 70 years!   YUMMY!

We had fried chicken, mashed potatoes (the real kind, not the boxed kind), gravy, & fresh corn.   What a great dinner.   Boy was I full!

Mr. Knott invented the Boysenberry by crossing a blackberry with another berry (I can't remember which one).  He named it after his friend who gave him the idea.   The Boysenberry jam on these home-made biscuits was wonderful!

I definitely recommend it if you're in the area......

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