Friday, October 31, 2008

A little more about me....

I should mention how I got my name....

Melanie, who I live & travel with, introduced me to Annora, who she carpools with. Now Annora is so good at giving out names that she has even named the cars that everyone around her drives (we were driving to work in "Sulley" that day. She drives "Harvey"). Melanie had been considering several names, but none had stuck yet....

So, Annora, after getting to know me for a little while says, "Well, she's stylish and well-coordinated, just like Vera Wang."

So that's it - I was named after Vera Wang. I like it!

I should also say that I've been traveling for several years. Up until recently, my adventures were posted on Gnomads.Net. But recently that website was sold and it's currently under new construction, which means I can't go back and look at all my adventures.

That's why I'm here. I plan to post all those previous adventures here - which will take some time - and any new adventures I have in the meantime.

Next week, I'll be in Connecticut and New York. I'm looking forward to seeing my brother Georgie. Georgie is planning to show me all over Utica, where he lives. So those will probably be the first pictures I post.

Thanks for joining me and I hope to hear from you!



My name is Vera. I am a Gnomad. I love to travel and hope to go all over the world. I get to see lots of interesting places and meet lots of interesting people. That's my favorite thing to do.

This blog will be a record of my journeys. I hope to fill it with many fun pages and lots of pictures. I have a few past trips I'll get posted here soon. And I'm looking forward to my next adventure.

I have 3 brothers: Gnugent, Terry, Captain Jack, and Georgie. Gnugent lives in Thousand Oaks, CA. I went on a trip to England with him - very cool. I'll get those pictures posted soon. Terry lives in Kenosha, Wisconsin and he's been to Qatar, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kuwait. He also went to the Super Bowl when the Patriots played. Captain Jack lives out in Oak Hills, CA (in the desert). He just got a brand new baby sister! Georgie lives in Utica, NY. I get to go see him next week! I'm so excited. I haven't seen Georgie in over a year!

My Aunt Lena & Uncle Ole live just outside of Yosemite National Park in a small town called Oakhurst. I go to see them a couple of times a year (naturally, around the holidays). We don't get to go into the park often, but when we do, I really enjoy getting close to nature!

I love going to National Parks and any other major landmark. I like taking pictures and exploring God's creation. He's so creative, isn't he? I just love that He gave us all these beautiful places to explore.

My goal is to see all of the National Parks. I have this little National Park Passport that I can have stamped whenever I visit a park. It's pretty cool and a fun record of where I've been and when. Next year, I'm planning to go see Mount Rushmore. Georgie will be there too. I've never seen it and I'm soooo excited to go!

I have to admit - I love tourist traps! Give me a stereotyped tourist photo and cheesy souvenir any day! I'm lucky to have family in Vegas - so I have been there a few times. I think that's the king of all cheesy tourist spots!

And Amusement Parks - I'm also lucky to live not far from Disneyland and I have an Annual Pass, so I've been there many times. Last year I got to go to Disney World for the first time. That was really neat. Oh - and of course, there's Hershey Park. How can you not love a place that Chocolate built?

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy the journey. Please leave me comments - I love to talk to people! And of course, I'm open to suggestions for the next neat place I should visit.