Monday, December 29, 2008

Disney World - Hidden Mickeys - October 2007

Have you heard about Hidden Mickeys?     (No, I'm not making this up...)    They're all over all the Disney Parks.    They're little hidden images of Mickey Mouse concealed in the design of Disney attractions.    They're kind of tributes to the mouse....  (and actually started as inside jokes by the imagineers).

Gnugent and I had some fun looking for hidden Mickeys in Disney World   (Yes, we had some help from this book).    Here are some of the Mickeys we found  (We forgot to take pictures of all of them)....    And, there are no hidden Vera's or Gnugents anywhere to be found here....

This one is on the Tree of Life in the Animal Kingdom park:

And this is just outside of the Expedition Everest ride:

This is in the Conservation exhibit at the Animal Kingdom park.

This one is in the carpet at the beautiful Grand Floridian hotel:

This one is one of my favorites.  It's in a mural painted in the loading area of the Maelstrom ride in Norway (EPCOT).   Notice the Viking that's wearing Mickey ears.....

And here is the tunic of King Olaf of Norway:

This one is in a miniature German village in the World Showcase in EPCOT:

And this is in a pond in the Japan Pavilion:

This was in Morocco.   It was so obvious, I didn't think it would actually be considered a "Hidden" Mickey, but the book says it is:

Another one of my favorites - it's the carpet at the Rock N Roller Coaster:

And this is on the Tower of Terror (look at the smudge on the wall.....):

I think the most fun thing about Hidden Mickeys is that they're all different - you never quite know where you'll see one or what form it will take.    It's a fun little scavenger hunt and a GREAT way to kill time when you're waiting in line.   There's a book for Disneyland too!    If you're heading off to the parks, I recommend it - happy hunting!      (Note, the books are pretty small and easy to carry around the parks.....)

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