Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Munich - July 11, 2009

On to Munich - Marc got to have his first beer!

Unfortunately.... he hated it... Or maybe that's a good thing :-)

The city of Munich is really beautiful. I love all the old architecture.

We somehow managed to visit the city during their gay pride parade - so we got a bit more of a view of the city than we intended to - oops! We still managed to get around and see a lot though...

Here I am making friends in front of a museum....

And we got to visit a spectacular church - aren't those stained glass windows gorgeous?

Then we headed up to Linderhof Castle. This was up in Bavaria and was built by King Ludwig II. Ludwig had darn good taste!

Isn't this view amazing!!! The scenery and the fountains were stunning....

They say this could be my summer home (note big grin!) - what do you think, is it big enough for Mel & me?

Next we headed over to Neuschwanstein Castle. This was also built by Ludwig II, but was not completed before he died. The castle was designed by a set designer, not an architect, so that explains the "fantasy nature" of the building. You can't take pictures of the inside, but the outside is pretty cool. In fact, it was the inspiration for Sleeping Beauty's Castle at Disneyland!

I love visiting the castles - especially the gardens. I think I need to think about marrying well so I can have one! Where are all the Single Rich Gnomads with Castles hanging out these days?

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