Friday, February 6, 2009

Thanksgiving in Mariposa, CA - November 2008

It's pretty much tradition to go up to visit Aunt Lena & Uncle Ole in Oakhurst, CA every year for Thanksgiving.    Oakhurst is right outside Yosemite National Park, so as you can imagine, it's beautiful there!

On the day after Thanksgiving, we went up to Yosemite to the Wawona school house.  It's a little one-room schoolhouse that still operates in the park.   On the Friday after Thanksgiving every year, they have an Arts & Crafts fair fundraiser to help raise money for the school.

Look who we ran in to!

She looks like she doesn't quite know what to think of us, doesn't she???

"Mrs. Claus" is really Anita, a friend of Ole & Lena's.    She makes and sells the most amazing Elderberry Jam and Tamales.  Yum Yum Yum!!!

After checking out the fair, we headed over to Mariposa, CA.   That's a pretty little mountain community with lots of nice shops and restaurants.   We walked around the main drag for awhile, checked out some favorite shops  ("Chocolate Soup" is the best!) and just enjoyed the atmosphere.

Behind the shops, there is a nice walking path that goes along a creek  (I'm sure the creek has a name, but I can't remember it - so if you know, post a comment and tell me!).    It was such a lovely day - cold but pretty out.    Being a city girl, I enjoy walking through the leaves and experiencing (a little) nature....

Isn't it pretty?

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