Friday, October 31, 2008

A little more about me....

I should mention how I got my name....

Melanie, who I live & travel with, introduced me to Annora, who she carpools with. Now Annora is so good at giving out names that she has even named the cars that everyone around her drives (we were driving to work in "Sulley" that day. She drives "Harvey"). Melanie had been considering several names, but none had stuck yet....

So, Annora, after getting to know me for a little while says, "Well, she's stylish and well-coordinated, just like Vera Wang."

So that's it - I was named after Vera Wang. I like it!

I should also say that I've been traveling for several years. Up until recently, my adventures were posted on Gnomads.Net. But recently that website was sold and it's currently under new construction, which means I can't go back and look at all my adventures.

That's why I'm here. I plan to post all those previous adventures here - which will take some time - and any new adventures I have in the meantime.

Next week, I'll be in Connecticut and New York. I'm looking forward to seeing my brother Georgie. Georgie is planning to show me all over Utica, where he lives. So those will probably be the first pictures I post.

Thanks for joining me and I hope to hear from you!